BMW F800 GS & F700/F650 GS Side Stand Foot Black


© 2011 Motorcycle Overland Development 

Unlike most side stand feet the MOD side stand foot has been carefully designed to have minimal impact on the raising and lowering of the stand and protrude from the bike as little as possible. A strong simple design maximizing the stock foot print to 2.5 times ensures it’s effective. Disc-Lock® washers mechanically lock to prevent it from coming loose. 

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Item # FF801B/FF601B

$31.99 CAD*  

*prices are subject to change without notice.


-Only available in black anodized

-CNC machined 6061 aluminum

-Stainless steel Disc-Lock® washers virtually guarantee it won’t come loose and disappear

-complete with full stainless steel mounting hardware

-Raw machined aluminium finish

-shape designed to have minimal impact on side stand raising/lowering and minimal protrusion from bike when raised

-adds 2mm of height

-compatible with BMW centre stand

-weighs only 59g (2.1 oz.)


-FF801B F800 GS all years (not lowered suspension 2013 F800 GS)
FF601B F700/F650 GS all years (not lowered suspension) & 2013 F800 GS lowered suspension


 Low profile outer edge for minimal protrusion from bike. Lot’s of clearance for centre stand. BMW centre stand shown.

 Disc-Lock® washers actually mechanically lock. The pitch of the ramps in the washers is steeper than the pitch of the threads. This prevents the bolt from loosening. See how they work here . The washers then fit into machined pockets to keep their position.

 Where’s the top plate for it? This design doesn’t require one. The two Disc-Lock® washers at each corner are 3mm (1/8”) thick stainless steel. When combined with the counter-bore that they sit in and the machined pocket tor the side stand it makes for a very solid connection.

It easily withstood being hit with a hammer over 50 times on the outer edge with out any loosening or shifting...extreme testing!